Among our offers, we offer our customers inventory and 3D modelling.


With the help of 3D scanning, we offer our customers an inventory of their heritage, whether they are historic buildings or industrial infrastructures.
The use of 3D scanning will allow you to make a quick inventory of your goods with great precision and at a cost much lower than the old methods.
The digitization of your installations allows you to have at your disposal a useful tool for maintenance or even safety and training.


In the principle of supporting you in the different stages of your projects, we are able to offer you a 3D BIM model compatible with all CAD software. We base our modeling from the 3D scan that we carry out or even from 2D plans in your possession.

Based on the 3D model, we can then realize:
• Process / mechanical study
• Methodological study
• Structure or piping study
• Civil engineering study
• Perform all types of ANALYSIS for your project
• Clash analysis
• Piping analysis